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Paving Contractors

Paving Contractors - Lincoln RI - Toscan Family Construction

Don’t let your driveway crumble away!

If you’re a home owner who cares about quality, you can’t afford not to go with Toscan & Family Construction for your next paving project.

From minor repairs to new installations and removal and replacement, our highly skilled contractors will be happy to make repairs to your existing pavement or create a beautiful new driveway, parking lot, playground or road. Whether you want to install, enlarge or resurface, our professionals will get it done with strict attention to detail. We stand behind our work!

Paving done beautifully!

Residential driveways
Commercial parking lots
Private roads
Subdivisions roads
Tennis courts
School blacktops

Make your maintenance pay off!

Whether you need crack filling or resurfacing, Toscan & Family Construction will take care of all your driveway’s little problems before they turn into big ones. A little maintenance now will save you money in the end.

For free estimates on your next paving job, call 401-333-3456.